Just 35 miles northeast of Austin (or a quick 30 minute drive) sits Taylor, Texas. The rich soil and the skilled farmers who worked the land in this area made Williamson County a leading cotton producer. This crop has been one of the mainstays of Taylor’s economy since the early 1800’s. Taylor has a wonderful array of 19th Century buildings that went up after a devastating fire in 1879.Taylor experienced an influx of settlers from Czechoslovakia and other Slavic states, as well as from Germany and Austria, that helped establish the town. Known for its great Bar-B-Que and Kolache, a slavic pastry, the cuisine in the town reflects the diversity of the residents.

Taylor has all the amenities of the city with the quiet life of a small town: Taylor Municipal Airport, Acute-care Johns Community Hospital, and Temple College Taylor Center (an accredited 2-year college).

With available starter homes under $100,000 and new homes averaging $172,000, Taylor is an especially appealing place for young families desiring to put down roots. Within the past 10 years the area has experienced steady population growth of over 20%. These new residents are primarily younger (25 – 35 years) and have had an invigorating effect on the city. The population in 2004 was estimated at 14,636.

The community is focused on investing in recreation, promoting an active contemporary family lifestyle, and advancing technologies. In 2003, the state of the art Technology Center opened to facilitate organizations in conducting global business thereby alleviating the need to travel.


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