Kirk Lewis


ADDRESS: 5929 Balcones Drive #350 Austin, TX, 78731


When I was fourteen I bought one of those “flashing arrow” word signs to rent out, and that began my career in sales. Within two weeks I had five customers. Growing up in Clyde, Texas exposed me to a childhood full of sales opportunities. What else was there to do but think of ways to make money? My favorite job was buying old Coke machines and memorabilia and then selling them to collectors. I put myself through Angelo State doing just that. After graduation in May of ‘92, with my marketing degree in hand I made my way to Austin, Texas. About a year later I was standing outside of the Capitol Building watching Willie Nelson put on a solo concert there on the steps. It was that moment that I knew Austin would be my home.

Computers are what Austinites needed in the early 90’s so that is what I sold them. I really enjoyed meeting and talking to people. I had many repeat customers, which quickly led me into corporate sales. I helped launch the Texas- based Computer Company’s California branch, which led me to Sunnyvale, CA and back. The excitement of the Tech Boom opened my eyes to the joys and struggles of corporate America. It was fun to celebrate with those who knew to choose Google, Dell or Netscape back then. When my business partner saw a need for Internet real estate in Austin, we moved our families back home to show Austin what we had learned.

It’s funny to look back now and realize how cutting edge we were. The Internet leads were pouring in and my passion for helping others soaked it up. Austin was even better than I remembered and that is what sparked my “Love Where You Live” motto. I want everyone to see the best of Austin. Being such a diverse city there is a home and neighborhood for everyone. Seeing my clients happy in their homes and confident in my negotiations is my primary goal. Whether buying or selling, when my clients are ready to move, I want them smiling. Home Buying and Selling is a highly emotional process. I’m here to take the emotion out for you and make sure you leave each transaction looking your best in all aspects.

Having a job where you are responsible for the actual place where people will live out the American Dream is most fascinating. Wherever you are on that path let’s make sure that you 

Love Where You Live!

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  1. Member of Better Homes & Gardens Emerald Elite Award
  2. Consistently rated as a Top 30 Agent in Austin by the Austin Business Journal out of 10,000 Agents
  3. Luxury League Member 2019
  4. A Member of the Elite 25 Of Austin 2017
  5. Past Platinum Top 50 REALTORS
  1. Top Producing Agent at HomeCity from 2003 to Present
  2. HomeCity/Better Homes & Gardens Top Listing Agent 2018
  3. Degree in Marketing from Angelo State University
  4. A Member of the Austin Board of Realtors
  5. A Member of the National Realtor Association
"I found a home I could only dream of because it was well beyond my means. So I turned to HomeCity, and Kirk for help. We looked around for alternatives and, although it was a joy to scout for other places with Kirk, my stubborn mind kept me going to my original choice. He helped me make an offer and counter offer until we could reach an agreement! ..."
Alberto Castano-Pardo, Lago Vista